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Updated 06 Dec 2003

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As a Personal and Professional Empowerment Coach, I specialize in Goal Setting, Values Clarification, Identifying Purpose, Creating Quality and Overcoming Self-imposed Limitations
I work best with...Receptive, Proactive, and Creative Individuals who are prepared to take Unconditional Responsibility for the Quality of their lives.

I Coach...
checkmark.gif - 383 BytesPersonal Trainers seeking creative and healthy ways to motivate their clients, develop unique core training, and individualized weight management.

checkmark.gif - 383 BytesSelf Defense Instructors who are looking to create or increase client volume, maintain attendance, develop unique curriculum and clarify business objectives.

checkmark.gif - 383 BytesIndividuals who are seeking to take control of their Finances by defining stategies and creating practical solutions that will help Create Real Wealth, secure Assets and protect Privacy.

checkmark.gif - 383 BytesDivorced Fathers who are in need of support and encouragement as they struggle to re-establish and redefine the parent/child relationship.

checkmark.gif - 383 BytesInner City Youth Counselors who are seeking unique and effective ways to Communicate, Teach, Mentor, and Inspire their client base.

checkmark.gif - 383 BytesArtists and Authors who are looking for the Creative Collaboration needed to start or finish their conceptual and formulated works.

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     G. Vassar is a graduate from the S.A.I.C. with a BFA. He is a graduate of the United States Army Military Police School as a Rehabilitation Instructor, and has been awarded a Commendation from the Department of Corrections, a Letter of Recognition from the County Sheriffs Impact Incarceration Program, and promoted to the rank of Sergeant in April of 2000.

     As a Certified Personal Trainer, a Life Coach, a Mentor and Life Skills Instructor, he works with an extremely diverse client base.

     George, or "JOE", as he is most commonly called, enjoys working with those who are receptive and motivated toward transforming their environments, accomplishing their goals, and designing a fulfilling life.

G. Joe Vassar
Oak Forest, IL 60452
Tel 708-351-3673
Web address:

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"Great things are only accomplished
by great people.
Great people are only great,
because they are determined
to be so"

G. Joe Vassar
Oak Forest, IL

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