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G. Joe Vassar
Chicago, IL

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George J. Vassar is the Founder and President of 'Mid-west I.M.P.A.C.T. Org', and the Solopreneur of, Co-Created Success. He has been working in the Department of Corrections for the past nine years, three of which he spent inside maximum security.

     "In the three brief years I spent in maximum security, it became clear to me that jail had become more than just a holding tank for pretrial detainees. It had evolved into a sort of "sub-cultural existence". Inmates would meet their family and friends in lock up, shake hands and swap stories as if it were a annual reunion. Sons and daughters would visit their fathers behind three inches of glass and speak through reinforced metal screens just as their fathers had done before them, and their fathers before them. In short, what I was watching was a revolving door of third and fourth generation detainees. It is easy to understand why the Department of corrections had become a multi-billion dollar industry. What I couldn't understand was why there were so many willing participants."

 Over the past five years, Sgt. Vassar has been assigned to the local Impact Incarceration Program, most commonly referred to as Boot Camp. As a Drill Instructor he had the opportunity to work more closely with the young men incarcerated in our correctional facility. As a recently promoted Sergeant, he has had the opportunity to experience the many challenges facing the staff and administration.

     "I've come to realize my ability to impact the lives of these young men by teaching them the skills necessary to exercise their personal power. One week, during an Inservice Training class conducted by SERA Learning Center, I was speaking with one of the facilitators. Laura was studying to be a coach through CoachU. She told me about coaching, and I told her about I.M.P.A.C.T.
     "I.M.P.A.C.T. had been a long held dream that came from a desire to contribute to solutions rather than treat the symptoms. After patiently listening for while, Laura turned to me and said, "Those are great ideas! Thats inspiring! Do it George, just do it! What's the worse that could happen?"

     What was the worst that could happen? The answer to that question was, "Nothing". And that was exactly what would happen if I didn't move forward. Those simple words of encouragement and affirmation inspired the momentum I needed. Her inspiration became the catalyst that inspired me to take action. Most importantly, She fueled my desire to inspire others."

G.J.Vassar is a graduate from the S.A.I.C. with a BFA. He is a graduate of the United States Army Military Police School as a Rehabilitation Instructor, and has been awarded a Commendation from the Department of Corrections, a Letter of Recognition from the County Sheriffs Impact Incarceration Program, and promoted to the rank of Sergeant in April of 2000.
As a Certified Personal Trainer, a Life Coach, a Mentor and Life Skills Instructor, he works with an extremely diverse client base.
George, or "JOE", as he is most commonly called, enjoys working with those who are receptive and motivated toward transforming their environments, accomplishing their goals, and designing a fulfilling life.

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G. Joe Vassar
Chicago, IL 60452
Tel 630-877-5685
Web address:

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